‘The child of today is the adult of tomorrow’.

This is the slogan used by the Sacred Heart Child and Youth Care Centre in Hibberdene on this year’s commemoration of the youth month. Starting off with a  workshop which was facilitated informally as a build-up process on the above thyme to bring the young people in this institution to the realization that their lives are as special gift, each one of them hence each is a member of our future adult society. An emphasis on character establishment as a focus was pointed out strongly, highlighting that the nature of child behaviour practiced at this current stage will very much influence the adult one becomes.

The young people were set in groups where they dealt with serious issues affecting their lives, they shared their current pain, their current responsibility as well as identified their opportunities as for as South Africa’s socio-political state, the rights they now enjoy that the previous generations never had, particularly the right to good education. They saw beyond the personal and family circumstances that had them staying in an institution. They gained hope and projected a positive future, which was the very aim of the conversational platform created to see themselves becoming and raising their own children much better for a brighter society.

The group’s conversational feedbacks were expressed in various artistic forms that included songs, role plays, talk show style and even journalists news reports, where negative habits were signified and discouraged and general picture of how they view their lives was painted with a commended move to the positive lifestyle. All this together with sport activities  and outings and have religious celebration activities at the end of it all, hence Sacred Heart is not only a professional organisation but also a faith driven institution, made up our youth month commemoratory activities.

We are mostly grateful to all the people who contributed to all these activities especially the half yearly closing ceremony (The feast), we thank all the local south coast businesses and individuals who embraced us with wonderful donations making the event a great success, God is watching over you. We continue to urge all people to pledge their support all in the name of a vulnerable innocent child, remember we are all affected.

Let us all play our part in raising good adults and responsible citizens of tomorrow and remember the child of today is the adult of tomorrow. You can assist by adopting a child and buy him or her cosmetics every month, NB*no personal attachment to protect he child’s emotions.For more information, please contact the children’s home, details on this website.

Thank you and God bless!

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