Thank you Sister Thola Cele

It has never been a good thing to lose the best of the best at a work place, someone so talented, dedicated, ambitious, wise, strong willed and unbending soul. She has done a lot for the Centre for the past 14 years going out of her way to try and re-build children’s lives and their families. Sister Cele is truly a nation builder and we know wherever she ventures in next will definitely be a success. We thank the Lord Jesus Christ for the period we had with her. May the Lord keep you in the palm of his hands and protect you. Thank you so much Magaye, Ndosi , Mbuza, Khumbuza, Nkomo sengwilele ngoba mayimile iyakhahlela. You have done a tremendous job for Sacred Heart and you have taught us a lot, we shall continue in your foot steps.

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