The Director of the Home, Sr Tholakele Cele and the Senior Child Care Worker and Supervisor, Sr Cosma had an opportunity to be among 850 delegates who attended The National Association of Child Care Workers (NACCW) held in Johannesburg on 2-4 July 2013. This enriching conference provided these two Sacred Heart Delegates with fresh information and knowledge about Social Service Innovations Towards Social Justice. Different presentations covered a lot under the following topics:

√  Equipping Young People for Life Through

√  Fund-raising and Marketing

√  Employee Wellness

√  Launch of the Children’s Act Guide for Child and Youth Care Workers (2nd Edition)…….., and many others

This knowledge is shared among other staff members through staff development programme as part of In-service training.









Untitled2This programme was held during winter school holiday for our young people who could not go anywhere for holidays. It aimed at making them strong during tough and testing times in life, it also aimed at building the young people’s self-confidence, team building and support. This programme also played a vital role in helping them to di-stress. Our teenage boys and girls enjoyed the programme as they stated on their evaluation how it helped them in believing in themselves. The suspension bridge that they were all able to cross was such good a test in life and a lifetime experience. They also enjoyed viewing the gorge, experiencing the caves and the freshness of nature with a closer look at wild animals such as Zebras and others.












The Manager at Nandos in Portshepstone invited our children for lunch. We, the staff of Sacred Heart always encourage the public, business people, and generous individuals out there to play their role in social responsibility programmes. Children and youth in our care come from hurting backgrounds, they have never experienced parental love and care and that gap needs to be attended to by anyone who cares.

Lunch at Nandos was a therapy and lifetime experience for some children who have never been taken to a restaurant before.

We invite everyone who is interested in our activities to take part in any way as a contribution towards Nation Building!








Sacred Heart Children’s Home though based on Catholic principles and run by Catholic Nuns it takes care of children from different denominations. We do not discriminate but we embrace other religion backgrounds. In this way we do open our gates for other churches to come and worship with us, pray with us and share the word of God with us as part of our Spiritual Development Programme. On 13 July 2013, we had an opportunity to welcome our neighbours, about 50 young people from Mercy Ministries International (MMI) led by Youth Mentor of this church, Mr M Majola and his wife. On this day we were all blessed by the powerful gospel music, dances, motivational talks and engagements.

Apart from the Word of God we received donations, we were offered free big lunch and had funny and activities in our children’s safe park. We thank God for the wonderful gift of that day!  Our children felt so special, loved and cared for by our surrounding community, the CHURCH at large.















Our Child and Youth Care Centre was among the chosen few centres who were visited by the Kwa-Zulu Natal as well as Eastern Cape Legislatures for their 67 minutes on 16th July 2013.

On this day the centre was honoured the visit of seven honourable members and three support staff led by Hon Zwane. Officials from Department of social Development (DSD) and other government departments were part of this special and important visit.

Members of the delegation were:

  1. Hon LL Zwane
  2. Hon Weziwe G Thusi (DSD-MEC)
  3. Hon MB Khawula
  4. Hon NW Ngcobo
  5. Hon GN Swartbooi-Ntombela
  6. Hon NR Majola
  7. Hon MZN Madlala

The honourable delegates gave all their time listening to our presentations giving the full picture of the Home structure and activities that aim at developing the children and youth in our care.

It was such an interesting and fruitful day indeed! It encouraged us as staff to be visited by these honourable and important people who showed passion and interest in our work. They left us with motivation that inspite of challenges, the unique work we are doing will remain important. We are hoping for the best results through this visit.

Activities for the day were to feed the cheeks, do gardening and plant the flowers and trees.

Untitled11(Left: Ugu District Mayor Cllr Gumede and right: DSD  MEC Hon W Thusi)


(MEC interacting with Sacred Heart Young People)

The Hon crew of KZN Legislature Delegates visiting the centre on the Mandela Day….. 2013!



(Gumede and Hon W Thusi Planting the trees in our flower garden- serving Mandela Day 67 minutes!)

God bless all those who took part on this important DAY!