Motivation for Funding

Unfortunately we are in constant need of financial resources. As an NGO (non-governmental organisation, we depend only on the limited subsidy from the Department of Social Development which covers only the basic needs for the children in our care. The home has to raise funds for its running costs which are very high.

While the Government gives us 50% of our annual budget for children in residential care, there is no financial support for our THERAPEUTIC PROGRAMMES and for running costs. To start off with is our Therapy Centre (Consultation rooms and Administration block). While the residential facility for girls is in good look, the professional staff has no offices to carry out their duties from a conducive environment. Presently we are using the convent (residence of the religious sisters/nuns) for our administration and therapy sessions. This is not suitable as it is not only an invasion of privacy but also not conducive to therapeutic intervention with severely traumatised children.  Once the centre is completed we will be in a position to offer therapy to children from the community on a more consistent and on-going basis.

The Convent has donated a piece of land and the buildings that were used as pig sty. We completed the shell of the building – walls and roof – but did not have the funding to complete the entire structure. We now sit with a building that is incomplete and unusable. Funding for the completion of this building is a priority.

The work that still needs to be done on the structure is:

Flooring needs to be levelled and tiled.

Walls need to be plastered and painted.

Windows need to be set in.

Parking area needs to be tarred with a retaining wall.

Ablution facilities need fittings.

Therapy rooms and offices need electrical fittings.