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The very last term of the year is the very hectic, tiring and exciting one!!!!

The programmes we render to our young people during this term include: Dis-engagement, Family re-unification, Holiday placements, Entertainment and Recreational Programmes.


The Social Worker ensures that children who are disengaging are well prepared and the families are in a good position to receive the child(ren). We do this for the sake of the child’s (ren’s) emotional state. Out of 70 children we had in our care this year, 12 children disengaged from the system, i.e these children have biological families, relatives and foster families to take them back to their care. It has been a privilege to have journeyed with these children. It was such a heart-breaking experience to let go of these kids. However, we regard it as a huge achievement to release some children to their families and communities of origin because at the end of the day it is where they belong.

(Disengagement Group in group-work sessions)

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This programme went smoothly because of the professional team of Social workers and Child and Youth Care workers who took turns in running and facilitating this sensitive and touching programme. The topics in the programme were:

➢ Society norms and values (Expectations)
➢ Skills learned at the Home – Tips to survive in communities
➢ Dealing with emotions, fears and worries
➢ Letting Go
➢ Memories


Children who go for holidays are from very struggling different backgrounds and therefore the home has to provide tangible support to the host and biological families we take our children to for holidays. We prepare a thick food parcel ensuring that the child does not starve during holidays. Children and families are very grateful to this gesture. This year, 2013 we prepared about 30 parcels. The cost of living is too high and prices have gone too high. Therefore, we will always appreciate the support from the public in order for us to continue with this great programme which gives our young people better holidays and best times with their families.

(Food Parcel given to each child going for good or going just for holidays!!!)

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Though it is very difficult for some children to go for holidays, Sacred Heart encourages them to go because it is a preparation for disengagement and it does not the child’s mind away from home. There are 42 children we released for holidays this December. We are grateful to our host and biological families. Some families and relatives do make arrangements to come and visit their loved young people at our Child and Youth Care centre. We also appreciate and encourage that.


Sacred heart annually celebrates unity, love and Christmas together as a big family. Again, on this day we give awards on different categories as a motivation for our young people to always do well at schools and at the home. This programme is quite important because it modifies their behaviours and everybody competes to get a certificate. We had such a huge amount of support from our Local Ugu District Municipality citizens who generously gave gifts and food for the day. We had a top class Christmas Party as well as Speech and Prize-Giving Day.

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People from different corners of the greater South Coast came in numbers to celebrate and share this great day with Sacred Heart children’s home Family. We will always be grateful to everyone who contributes in the development and happiness of our children and youth!!!!

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