Community Outreach Programme

It is one of Sacred Heart objectives to render awareness programmes to our neighbouring communities such as HIV/AIDS, Child Abuse, Drugs and Alcohol, Crime, etc. We also visit local public schools to motivate learners and to offer counseling to those who need it.

Recently we, in collaboration with the local Umsinsini South African Police Service hosted at least two High Schools for an educational programme. The Director of Sacred Heart Child and Youth Care Centre was the main Motivational Speaker of the Day.


The reason behind this programme was that, there are incidents of crime in schools whereby learners kill one another, they abuse drugs and alcohol during school hours, no respect and no love for school work and education in general. So we saw the need to speak to our young people, educate them, motivate and pray with them. About 300 young people attended the programme.

Untitled2The day was graced by different stakeholders such as Department of Correctional Services, SAB, Local Authorities (Izinduna) and Department of Education. Speakers were from different stakeholders.

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Untitled5Recently, the Manager of Portshepstone Nandos Restaurant, Sergie, his beautiful wife Premmy and 2 waiters came to serve free Nandos lunch for 80 children and 25 staff members. Wow!! That was a joyful day for all at the Home especially the children. Sergie gave words of wisdom and motivation to our children encouraging them to take the opportunity to be at the home as a golden one, to respect Untitled6themselves and to regard themselves as luckiest ones. He also pledged his continued support.

This day was an unforgettable one to the lovely angelic souls!! It is very rare for these disadvantaged children to get such a treat. Most of them were their first Nandos taste experience. Thank you very much to Mr Sergie and the Team for the Community Outreach Programme their rendered on this day!! God bless you!!

Children showed appreciation by performing some entertainment items. Sacred Heart will always acknowledge and appreciate the support that we get from the local public, individuals, groups and business people.


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Sacred Heart Children’s Home will always rely on the help of the public. Children we care for need everybody’s support, love and care. They belong to the community at the end of the day. We are so grateful to Portshepstone Nandos and to all supporters and Sacred Heart friends, we continue to appeal to all concerned to come forward and assist in any way, big or small. Let us together make a difference and build our Nation.

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